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I've lost over 100 pounds, kept it off...and started LIVING again!

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February Session is now OPEN!

Enroll for my February Online Keto Coaching session!   These sessions fill up FAST, so make sure you reserve your spot right away!  I have three packages to choose from!  Basic, Gold, and Platinum!  



There is hope!

You CAN start LIVING again!


There is hope!

What in the world is 6803?


Sometimes you need an extra push in your journey. Extra accountability allows you to learn this new world of Ketogenic eating. My experience and certification allows me to guide you. I'm so excited to be able to walk with you through your journey.  

So what in the world is 6803?  The number that transformed my life.  This was the day I had trained for. My first 5K. This was also the day I left it all on the track.  Depression, Obesity, loneliness, bitterness. I verbally called them out as I ran up the hill called the BEAST with my sister. No more!!! It was healing.  

Dear friend, you too will have your 6803! 

Personal Coaching


My experience, and training completes my coaching arsenal – allowing me to provide you,  with the tools and methods you need to achieve your goals. I've lost over 100lbs in one year, and recaptured a life I never knew existed by living the Ketogenic Lifestyle.  I've been where you are. I have the tools you need.   I'll teach you how to get into Ketosis as you turn your body from being a sugar burner, to burning your own fat for fuel! 

I offer personal coaching sessions, as well as a 7 week Ketogenic Lifestyle 101  journey where I will guide you through 7 weeks of  on-line  and personal coaching  to help you transition into YOUR new lifestyle!

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