Advanced Fat Burning Strategies!

Advanced Keto Strategies is an 8-week program where we will cover one of six advanced strategies per week, then choose the one that feels best for YOU and practice it for one more.

There WILL be a week to prep so you can order supplies ahead of time.  

This program is for my friends who have successfully completed at least one full round of Ketogenic Living 101 and want to learn how to bust through any and all weight loss plateaus you may encounter. 

The comprehensive Ketogenic Living 102 program guide contains sample meal plans for each advanced fat-burning strategy we will tackle week-by-week. We will continue with custom macros, daily support and guidance, and weekly workouts. Monica has personally lost over 100lbs on the Ketogenic lifestyle and brings her personal experience to the table as she gives you  personal support  through your journey. 

You will receive a full fitness and nutrition lifestyle makeover, plus the Ketogenic Living 101 Program Guide, packed with tips, recipes and a step-by-step plan for your new keto lifestyle!

I'm ready Monica!

Enrolling in this 7 week program is simple!  Contact me, and I will send you an invoice for $199.00.  We will then set up a consultation  meeting where we will go over the basics of the 7 week program.