"Keto Complete" Private Coaching

Have you decided you are READY to jump in with both feet but don't know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed because your life is so busy and you don't even know where to start?  You know you have to change.  You just don't want to walk it alone.  Do you need a personal coach to walk with you and teach you how to live the Ketogenic Lifestyle?

This empowering package is what you need! I've personally lost over 100 lbs and have walked where you are about to walk, and I'll walk with you for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day! 

There is HOPE dear sister!

Tell me what is included in this package!

12 weeks of intense coaching for less than a cup of coffee per day!!

Here are just some of the things included in this package. 

  • Unlimited access to certified coach and trainer, Monica Boyer.
  • Weekly one hour one-on-one in-office or zoom coaching sessions.
  • Private VIP Facebook Group
  • Daily text from your coach.
  • Personal Macro calculations.
  • Personalized weekly measurement and tracking. 
  • Three sessions with Life Coach and Counselor.
  • Keto 101 DIY Kit
  • Weekly Meal plans and menus with shopping lists.
  • Daily coaching and accountability with meal tracking. 
  • Personalized written Lifestyle Plan
  • Weekly metrics and goal planning
  • The Complete Ketogenic Living 101 Program Guide to Kickstart Your Keto Journey
  • Personal Keto Health Assessment
  • Monica's Two Week Carb Cleanse Menu
  • Monica's Keto Bible
  • 4 Week Sample Keto Meal Plan with Macronutrients
  • The Best Keto Products + Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Daily Keto Recipes
  • Free subscription to Cronometer PRO
  • Feedback on Your Daily Intake & Food Logs
  • Monica's #KETOonthego Grab & Go Guide
  • Easy Workouts to Optimize Your New Keto Lifestyle
  • And brand new.... My 72 page Keto for Kids package!

Your 12-Week Ketogenic Living 101 Journey Starts Here:

  • Week 0 and 1: Prep Week
  • Week 2 and 3: Getting into Ketosis
  • Week 4 and 5: Understanding Your Body & Food Labels
  • Week 6 and 7: Intuitive Eating
  • Week 8 and 9: Eating for Your Hormones & An Intro to Intermittent Fasting
  • Week 10 and 11: The Keto Cure
  • Graduation week: Maintaining Your New Ketogenic Lifestyle
  • Get Answers to your Questions!
  • What are the basics of ketogenic living?
  • What the heck is ketosis?
  • How do I get my body to produce ketones?
  • What are macros?
  • What tools do I need to live a keto lifestyle?
  • What food can I eat on keto?
  • Will I have to give up carbs #forever?
  • How do I get through the "keto flu" without quitting?

You will leave these few weeks with every single tool you need for Keto success as well as recipes and a grocery list. A subscription Cronometer app is HIGHLY recommended before your session. So recommended, that I purchase it for you! This course is available in person if local (1 Hour travel time), or online via Zoom Video Conferencing.

We will have a one hour in person/phone/zoom conference call EACH WEEK to check in, plus you will have my personal cell phone number for questions in between, as well as daily work and coaching.  

Break it down!

This is an amazing investment.  This session breaks down to around 74.00 a week or just under 5.00 a day!  Less than a cup of Starbucks to have a coach for 12 weeks! 

Please note: once enrolled in the course, there is no refund available. If you decide to delay the course, I will hold your spot for two sessions.